Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back on the Dig

We were rained out for a good part of our dig this year.  But we did have a couple of good days.  Here are some photos of our crew.  First, we have Ian with the pole that marks his find.
This is Mike in the background, one of our digging colleagues.  Mike and his digging partner, Paul, are physicians.  We discovered this at the pub and told them it was comforting to know that two physicians are working alongside us, in case of heat stroke or back injury:):) 

Here is Sheri and her digging partner, Bob. 

Those wheelbarrows get pretty heavy on the trek to the spoil heap.  The idea is to load the dirt and rocks (there are always rocks!) into the wheelbarrow and sort through it for "finds."  Then, when any finds are placed in the finds bags, it is time to haul the rest of the dirt/rocks to the spoil heap.   Lugging the wheelbarrow through the mud and up a muddy plank is a precarious situation.  But thankfully, no one had need to consult either Dr. Mike or Dr. Paul!

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  1. Glad you had a great time! Sorry I did not manage to come down and say "hi"...I think that was partially to do with the weather!!!

    Will pop by again soon. Hadriana :)