Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can a Roman Survive North of the Wall?

In the book, Eagle of the Ninth, by Rosemary Sutcliffe (excellent book - highly recommended!), Marcus tells his uncle he is crossing The Wall to look for his father's lost eagle.  His uncle replies - "No Roman can survive north of the Wall."   Anyway - a Yank and a Brit can survive and even have a good time!

The dig finished last Friday and we drove up to Edinburgh.  The posts have been few and far between since it is not always easy to get internet access in the barbarian land north of the wall:):)  Edinburgh is a lovely city and we had a wonderful time.  Prince Charles is here and in residence at Holyrood Palace, which means the palace is closed to visitors.  I don't think Prince Charles would mind if we visited, but apparently his security forces think otherwise.

We visited the royal yacht, HMS Britannia, which has been decommissioned and now sits in the harbor at Edinburgh.  It was very interesting and has a delicious tea room where we had cappucinos and champagne.  If one is going to consume champagne, what better place to do so than the royal yacht?  Here is a photo of the Queen's bedroom.  I'm amazed at the size of the bed.

We also went to Rosslyn Chapel, of the Da Vinci Code fame.  It is a lovely chapel and has some excellent gargoyles, like this one:

We also visited a most excellent castle and a whisky distillery.  More on those later.

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