Thursday, June 30, 2011

Haggis for Breakfast

We stayed at a bed and breakfast in the Scottish village of Crieff.  It was a lovely little place run by an Irish guy.   An Irish guy running a Scottish B&B.   Anyway, he asked us what we would like for breakfast.  Both black pudding and haggis were options.  I have tried black pudding and do not care for it (best not to ask what comprises black pudding if you are squeamish) but have never had haggis.  I didn't know that people ate haggis for breakfast but I thought, why not? When in Rome do as the Romans do.    Ian has eaten haggis before on his visits to Scotland so I knew that I should try it.  Below is a photo of a plate with haggis on the right.  I will try anything once.  It tastes a bit like liver and wasn't bad but I couldn't finish it.  The cooked breakfast is massive and I wasn't hungry enough to eat it all.

A typical cooked Scottish breakfast includes:  egg (usually fried but can be ordered scrambled), bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans, sometimes sausage, black pudding and sometimes haggis. Sometimes white pudding is available (don't ask about that either).  Plus toast and either tea or coffee.  Massive!  You will not need anything else to eat until late in the afternoon, at the earliest.

Here is a photo of black pudding.  Ian loves it and he eats mine when they forget to leave it off my plate at breakfast.

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