Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Lake or a Roman Fort?

We have been rained out of the dig about half the time.  The dig site resembles a lake.  I have learned a new skill - bailing out.  Who knew how much water a medium size sponge would soak up?  Bail out the little puddles first and then work your way to the larger ones. 

When we are rained out - we take trips to other places along the Wall.   There were originally about 16 forts on the Wall.  Some have been excavated and preserved and are open for visitors.  Vercovicium - known today as Housesteads - is a wonderful place to visit.   Hadrian's Wall comprises the north wall of the fort.  Ian took some amazing photos and a few videos.  We may not be able to upload the videos since the signal here is not particularly strong.  But here are two great photos.

The above photo is the north wall of Housesteads, overlooking the wall as it runs east, towards Newcastle.

We love this photo, which shows the wall running along the hill.  Housesteads is so picturesque and would be a lovely place for a picnic, if only it weren't raining!

 Naturally, this being England, there is a small cafe at Housesteads which serves nice sandwiches and drinks.   If you survive the climb up from the car park to the fort entrance, at least reward yourself with an ice cream. 

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