Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Housesteads Photos

When you are climbing up the hill from the car park to the fort, you will be amongst the present-day residents of Housesteads.  They are very mellow and will often talk to you as you are passing by.  Here is a photo of two of the youngest ones:

Chesters Roman Fort, a few miles east of Housesteads, is famous for the remains of the bath house.  The bath house was an important part of everyday life for Romans, even for soldiers.  The best preserved building at Housesteads is the latrine, an important necessity for everyone!  The latrine is located next to one of the watchtowers, which would be very convenient for the soldiers on turret duty. 

There were wooden seats along both sides of the latrine.  Note the channels on both sides of the platform in the middle.  They would have been filled with water in which you would clean your sponge on a stick.  Sponges on sticks were the Roman version of toilet paper.  The two containers in the middle, filled with water, were used for washing hands or whatever you felt the need to wash. 

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  1. the water basins look rather full. sorry about your poor digging weather.
    t wolter