Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whisky Distillery

Today we visited The Famous Grouse Whisky Distillery.

There are several tours available and we chose the one with two tastings each.  This actually worked out to be 4 tastings for Ian since I am the official driver when we visit the distilleries.  So I gave him my tastings as well.    The distillery has a nice restaurant and shop (all tours exit through the gift shop as usual).  Two cappucinos and a bakewell tart and 4 tastings of whisky were consumed!  We also learned that whisky distilleries frequently have a resident cat, whose job it is to catch the mice that like to eat the barley/grain. 

A previous cat named Towser, lived at the Famous Grouse for 24 years and caught 30,000 mice.  She made it into the Guiness Book of World Records for most mice killed by a cat.  Today's cat is a lovely lady by the name of Brooke.  Brook has lived at the distillery for 6 years and has caught 9 mice.  I don't really blame her because why should she go to all that trouble when she is fed so well?   Here is one of the advertisements for the Black Grouse - Ian's favorite brand.

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