Sunday, July 3, 2011

Romans in Scotland

You never know where you will find a great historical site.  There are several small castles scattered around Scotland that are not well-known.  We found Hungtintower Castle outside a small village. 

We were the only ones there and it was lovely and peaceful.   We also discovered that the Romans were there first.  Many centuries before the castle was built, the area around Huntingtower was the site of a signal station that formed part of the Roman empire's northern frontier.    The Romans built a line of small forts and signal stations along the Roman road linking their main legionary forts at Ardoch and Bertha (just north of modern-day Perth). 

Eighteen signal stations have been discovered and there are probably more.  They were about half a mile apart and consisted of a square timber tower enclosed within a palisade and ditch.  The stations were built between 79-80 when Agricola's armies reached the Tay area, and abandoned after about 7 years.Nothing is visible of the signal station at Huntingtower.  But it is nice to know that this lovely castle sits on the site of a Roman signal station. 

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