Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sites Along the Wall - Part II

In a previous post I said there are many sites to see along Hadrian's Wall.  There are milecastles, turrets, forts, museums, quarries, temples, etc.   English Heritage and the National Trust manage a lot of these sites.  English Heritage is our personal preference, even though I used to work for the National Trust when I was a volunteer guide at Corfe Castle. 

Corbridge Roman Town is managed by English Heritage and is highly recommended.  Corbridge is just off the A69, between Hexham and Newcastle.  When you visit Corbridge, you are walking along the main street of a Roman garrison town, surrounded by the ruins of granaries, temples, workshops and other buildings.  Originally, Corbridge was the site of a fort, but when The Wall was completed, it became a town instead.  The soldiers serving on The Wall were good customers for the town.  When a soldier was off duty he could indulge in the bars, brothels, shops and bath houses in Corbridge. 

In August, the Romans are returning to Corbridge!  On Aug 28/29, Corbridge is hosting a special show called Romans and Gladiators.   Wish I could be there!

When you visit Corbridge today, you can see remains from several time periods.  Ian visited Corbridge and took some great photos. 

In the above photo there are two time periods represented.  On the right, the lower level is from the first century.  On the left, the higher level is from the 4th century.  This really gives a good perspective on how much things change over 300 years. 
Visitors can drive to Corbridge, if you are brave enough to navigate the A69.  Or, in the summer months, you can take the Hadrian's Wall Bus, the AD122.  There is also a train station, which is about 1 mile from the Roman site.  Speaking of navigating the A69, it is nothing compared to the B6318, known locally as the Military Road.  If you drive the Military Road, put on your rocket propellers because that is how the locals drive on the road.  It is truly scary.

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